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Expert documentarist of musical sounds ~ Incredibly nice guy
 Gravity Boots Recording

Known for the highest quality of tone and blend, and his calm, positive presence, audio engineer Daniel Rice has been recording independent artists in a wide variety of genres in Nashville since 2003.  

In the studio, Daniel facilitates relaxed performances and captures them with fidelity, creativity and an attitude of service.  Musicality is his focus, in both the process and the finished recording.  He has a particular specialty for tracking a band live, and prefers mixing with the artist for immediate feedback about how he/she would like it to sound.  

Daniel currently mixes front-of-house sound for Grammy Award winning artist The SteelDrivers.  He has mixed in numerous venues in Nashville, large and small, from The Building to the Ryman Auditorium, and countless venues on tour nation-wide and internationally.  

Mixing for The SteelDrivers at the Ryman Auditorium in 2016



Daniel (at) Gravity Boots Recording (dot) com

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Tracking a band at Soundwave

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